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40th Anniversary Year

“One Body, One Spirit” Ephesians 4:4

SEPTEMBER 2-4, 2011  •  Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Center

CSC MEDIA has professionally recorded many of the SCRC convention sessions. The recordings are now available on Audio CDs. This unique service allows you to review the convention sessions or pass information along to friends and associates. In order that all members, including convention attendees, may benefit from the material presented, the recordings available from CSC Media.

1) Please mark the Audio CDs you wish to order:


CD #GA-1
Opening General Assembly
“A New Pentecost”
Fr. Gino Henriques, CSsR

CD #GA-2
General Assembly (Saturday)
“One Body, One Spirit”
Deacon Alex Jones

CD #C1101
Opening Liturgy Celebrant:
Fr. Bill Easterling

CD #C1102
Saturday PM Liturgy Celebrant:
Fr. Michael Barry, SSCC

CD #C1103
Sunday AM Liturgy Celebrant:
Fr. Norm Supancheck

CD #C1104
Closing Liturgy Celebrant:
Archbishop Jose Gomez


CD #C1101A
St. Therese and Healing
Patti Mansfield

CD #C1101B
Unity in Community and Diversity in Gifts
Fr. Jim Nisbet

CD #C1101C
Intercession for Life
Dominic Berardino

CD #C1101D
The Gang’s All Here—And Jesus Too!
Fr. John Hampsch, CMF

CD #C1102A
Encountering Christ in the Eucharist
Deacon Alex Jones

CD #C1102B
From Judaism to the Fullness of Christ
Sr. Rosalind Moss

CD #C1102C
Come, Let Us Pray for the Future of the Church
Fr. Jim Bevacqua

CD #C1102D
Charismatic Gifts—How Important Are They?
Fr. Bill Delaney, SJ

CD #C1102E
10 Things the Baptism in the Holy Spirit Can Do For You
Al Mansfield

CD #C1103A
“Dear God, I love you… just don’t tell me to love my brother!”
Fr. Bob Garon

CD #1103C
Entering Into and Enjoying Praise & Worship
Fr. Charles Lueras, CRIC

CD #C1103B
How To Pray for One Another for Healing
Fr. Lou Cerulli

CD #C1103D
One Body, One Spirit: Paul’s Vision for the Church
Fr. George Montague, SM

CD #C1103E
Graduating From Calvary
Fr. George Reynolds


CD #C1104A
Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ
Fr. Gino Henriques, CSsR

CD #C1104B
Viva Padre Pio!
Patti Mansfield

CD #C1104C
Braking the Bondage of Addictions
Fr. Matt Munoz

CD #C1104D
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Abbot David Geraets, OSB

CD #C1104E
In Christ There is No East or West
Fr. Ramon Valera

CD #C1104Y
Young Adult Conference
Eucharist: The New Manna
Fr. Jim Nisbet

CD #C1105A
Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Fr. Lou Cerulli

CD #C1105B
To Resent Your Cross is Other’s Loss: Embrace Your Pain So That Others Gain
Fr. John Hampsch, CMF

CD #C1105C
Are Evil Spirits for Real?
Fr. Michael Sears

CD #C1105D
Overcoming Interpersonal Conflict
Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre, MFT

CD #C1105E
Are You Still Seeking the Gifts?
Fr. George Montague, SM

CD #C1105Y
Young Adult Conference
From Promise to Fulfillment
Sr. Rosalind Moss

CD #C1106A
Come to Me, No Matter What
Mother Regina Marie Gorman, OCD

CD #C1106B
No Price Too High
Deacon Alex Jones

CD #C1106C
Entrusting Your Loved Ones to God
Fr. Paul Griesgraber

CD #C1106D
The Gift of Tongues Explained
Al Mansfield

CD #C1106E
Prayer…A Ladder to God
Fr. Jerry Bevilacqua, OSA

CD #C1106Y
Young Adult Conference
The Holy Spirit is Our Heritage
Fr. Bill Delaney, SJ & Dcn. Steve Greco


CD #C1107B
Love One Another
Fr. Lou Cerulli

CD #C1107C
Intercession to Spread the Flames of Faith
Fr. Budi Wardhana

CD #C1107D
The Gospel, Composition and Canonization
Fr. Jim Nisbet

CD #C1107E
Charismatic Maturity: Building on the Foundation
Fr. Bill Delaney, SJ

CD #C1108A
The Challenge of Evangelization
Deacon Alex Jones

CD #C1108B
Building Blocks for a Spirit-filled Marriage and Family
Al and Patti Mansfield

CD #C1108C
Intercessory Prayer for Healing
Fr. Raymond Roh, OSB

CD #C1108D
Mary and the Holy Spirit in Scripture
Fr. George Montague, SM

CD #C1108E
Letting God Out of the Box: Healing Negative Images of God
Fr. Jim Clarke

CD #C1109A
Healing Your Family Tree
Fr. Michael Barry, SSCC

CD #C1109B
The Gift of Prayer
Fr. Gino Henriques, CSsR

CD #C1109C
Hearts Overflowing with Thanksgiving
Deacon Steve Greco

CD #C1109D
Road Markers on the Way to Emmaus: Coming to Terms with Loss and Gain
Kay Murdy

CD #C1109E
The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Fr. Bill Adams, CSsR


CD #C1101T
God’s Love
Sophia Robles
Made in God’s Image
Jackie Francois
New Life in Christ
Greg Iwinski

CD #C1102T
Sacraments: The Tools Against Evil
Sophia Robles

CD #C1103T
Family and Spirituality
Marc Leon
Gifts to Take Home
Greg Iwinski
Jackie Francois

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55 CD SET $225.00

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55 SESSIONS - $225.00

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