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38th Annual

"Happy the People Whose God is the Lord!" Psalm 144:15

SEPTEMBER 4-6, 2009  •  Anaheim (Calif.) Convention Center

CSC MEDIA has professionally recorded many of the SCRC convention sessions. The recordings are now available on Audio CDs. This unique service allows you to review the convention sessions or pass information along to friends and associates. In order that all members, including convention attendees, may benefit from the material presented, the recordings available from CSC Media.

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CD #C0900
Opening Liturgy Celebrant:
Fr. Michael Manning, SVD

CD #C0901
Saturday General Assembly
“The Beatitudes: God’s Plan for Happiness”
Sr. Nancy Kellar, SC

CD #C0902
Saturday General Assembly
“Rejoice in the Lord Always”
Charles & Sue Whitehead

CD #C0903
Saturday PM Liturgy Celebrant:
Fr. Bill Adams, CSsR

CD #C0904
Sunday AM Liturgy Celebrant:
Fr. Joshua Lee

CD #C0905
Closing Liturgy Celebrant:
Bishop Dominic Luong


CD #C0901A *
Cheerfulness in the Lives of the Saints
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR

CD #C0901B
Is the Lord My God? Happiness Will Tell!
Fr. Jim Nisbet

CD #C0901C
The Holy Spirit Leads Us To Hope & Hope Deepens Us in the Holy Spirit
Sr. Nancy Kellar, SC

CD #C0902A
I Have Called You by Your Name
Charles & Sue Whitehead

CD #C0902B
Our Mission as Catholic Lay People
Ralph Martin

CD #C0902C
In This Sign, I Conquer!
Fr. George Reynolds

CD #C0902D
Oil for Troubled Waters: The Oil of Gladness
Fr. John Hampsch, CMF

CD #C0903A
What Does It Mean To Be Happy in the Lord?
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR

CD #C0903B
Path to Healing and Wholeness
Fr. Michael Barry, SSCC

CD #C0903C
Intercession – A Call From God
Fr. Bill Delaney, SJ

CD #C0903D
Finding Hope in Hopeless Situations
Kay Murdy


CD #C0904A
Me, Be a Saint? Yes!
Ralph Martin

CD #C0904B
The Healing Power of Humor
Fr. Lou Cerulli

CD #C0904C
Jesus Is Lord!
Deacon George Bednar and Josi Greeley

CD #C0904D
Being an Alleluia People in Good Times and in Bad
Fr. Charles Lueras, CRIC

CD #C0904E
The Origins of the Roman Rite
Fr. Jim Nisbet

CD #C0904F
Young Adult Conference
Are Catholics Born Again?
Fr. Robert Barcelos, OCD

CD #C0905A
Finding Peace in Dark Times
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR

CD #C0905B
The Power of the Holy Spirit
Fr. Minh Bui

CD #C0905C
Healing Our Image of God -- Healing Our Woundedness
Fr. John Struzzo, CSC

CD #C0905D
Becoming More Effectively Evangelistic
Sr. Nancy Kellar, SC

CD #C0905E
Smile and Be Happy!
Fr. Bob Garon

CD #C0905F
Young Adult Conference
Discipleship: Authentically Committing to Christ
Sherry Weddell

CD #C0906A
Happy?!!! In THIS Valley of Tears?
Mother Regina Marie Gorman, OCD

CD #C0906B
The Word of God Is Alive and Active
Charles Whitehead

CD #C0906C
The Helper: Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Abbot David Geraets, OSB

CD #C0906D
The Fruit of the Spirit
Fr. Alex Aclan

CD #C0906E
Healing Broken Relationships
Fr. Raymond Roh, OSB

CD #C0906F
Young Adult Conference
Crossing the Threshold
Sherry Weddell


CD #C0907B
Joy – The Sparkle of Life
Fr. John Hampsch, CMF

CD #C0907C
The Place of Psalms in Catholic Worship
Fr. Jim Nisbet

CD #C0907D
Resist the Devil, and He Will Flee
Fr. Bill Delaney, SJ

CD #C0907E
The “How To’s” of Healing Prayer
Fr. Lou Cerulli

CD #C0908A
Why Everyone Needs to be Baptized in the Spirit
Ralph Martin

CD #C0908B
Are You Happy?
Dominic Berardino

CD #C0908C
Roots and Wings
Sue Whitehead

CD #C0908D
Solidarity and the True Self
Fr. Jerry Bevilacqua, OSA

CD #C0908E
His Mercy Endures Forever
Fr. Michael Barry, SSCC

CD #C0908F
Charismatic Gifts of the Spirit
Fr. Michael Sears

CD #C0909A
Sit, Walk, Stand
Charles Whitehead

CD #C0909B
Building and Healing Relationships
Sr. Nancy Kellar, SC

CD #C0909C
Bringing Great Joy from the Bible Into Our Daily Lives
Fr. Michael Manning, SVD

CD #C0909D
Stronger Marriages for Tougher Times
Dr. John & Claire Yzaguirre

CD #C0909E
Freely You Have Received -- Freely Give
Deacon Steve Greco


CD #C090T1
Teen Meeting
Craig Colson, Mark Leon

CD #C090T2
Teen Meeting
Iraise Garcia & John Rinaldo


CD #C09VC1
The Power of Praise and Worship
Kevin C. Tran

CD #C09VC2
The Presence and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
Fr. Minh Bui

CD #C09VC3
Growing Closer, Deeper in Union with God Through the Gift of Tongues
Fr. Tri Pham

CD #C09VC4
Word of Knowledge
Sister Theresa Trang Nguyen, LHC

CD #C09VC5
Inner Healing
Fr. Tue Pham

CD #C09VC6
Fr. Bich Nguyen

CD #C09VC7
Called to Serve in Spirit
Fr. Thuong Nguyen

CD #C09VC8
Spiritual Warfare
Fr. Minh Bui

$8.50 per CD
53 CDs
$450 value
(Does not include Vietnamese talks)

English Set - 53-SESSIONS - $250.00

$8.50 per CD
8 CDs
$68 value
(Does not include English talks)

Vietnamese Set - 8-SESSIONS - $45.00

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Vietnamese 8-AUDIO CD Set
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16-CD Storage Album
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Postage & Handling
$3 for first Audio CD
($1.25 each additional CD
$8 maximum)
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Normal delivery time is 3-4 weeks.
Please add $10 to shipping and handling for 2-3 week delivery
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please add $30 to shipping




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