1) Mark your choices for taped workshop sessions

PERIOD 1 -- Friday, 10:00 - 11:30 p.m.

101  Intimacy: Key to a Healthy Sexuality - Bob Bartlett  

102  Morality: A Catholic Way of Living - Dr. Eleanor Ann Brownell  

103  Finding The "Extra" In The Ordinary Gospel of Matthew - Rev. Ronald J. Burke  

104  Bridging the Media Gap: Keeping Up With Digital Children - Caroline Cerveny  

105  Sacramental Penance: Hidden Story, Neglected Grace - Msgr. Edward Wm. Clark  

107  Developing Internal Motivation and Self-Discipline - Constance Dembrowsky  

110  Kids Grieve! - Rev. Fr. Richard B. Gilbert  

111  Losing Your Religion, Finding Your Faith: Spiritual Growth and Young Adults - Fr. Brett Hoover  

112  The Words of Mary: Leading Us to Wisdom - Dorothy Hulburt  

114  The Spirituality of Young Teens - Marilyn Kielbasa  

116  Wisdom’s Beloved Child: Jesus the Prophet - Megan McKenna  

119  Ritual Steps in Christian Initiation: Fluff or Substance? - Ronald Oakham  

120  "Gather Faithfully Together": Catechetical Tools to Implement Cardinal Mahony’s Letter - Kathy Coffey & Robert Piercy  

121  Post-Abortion Aftermath: The Problem - Rev. Blair P. Raum  

122  Neighbors, Needs & Prayer – How to Relate to God as a Friend - Kevin Saunders  

123  "The Wise Warrior": Teaching as Spiritual Warfare in the Hebrew Bible - Dr. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher  

125  Inner Ease: Welcoming Spiritual and Psychological Freedom - Robert J. Wicks  

170  Vietnamese Workshop - Fr. Joseph Nguyên Thang

PERIOD 2 -- Friday, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

204  Inclusive Religious Education: Celebrating All Our Gifts (Part I)   - Mary Pat Carter  

205  Father as Evangelizer, Father as Teacher - Fr. Jim Clarke &   David C. James  

206  Creative Approaches to Sacramental Preparation - Judith Dunlap  

208  Celtic Spirit for All the Hours - Fr. William John Fitzgerald  

209  Seeing with Wisdom-Eyes: Resurrection Faith in a Culture of   Death - Fr. Richard Fragomeni  

210  Understanding and Presenting Catholic Moral Teaching - Rev. Robert M. Friday  

212  Friends vs. Father Knows Best: Spirituality and the Generations - Michael Galligan-Stierle  

214  We’ve Come This Far by Faith - Dr. Diana L. Hayes  

216  Catholic Youth Evangelization: A Call to the Good News - Robert J. McCarty  

217  Sacred Fairy Tales about Growing Whole & Holy - Gertrud Mueller Nelson  

218  Many Voices Prepare The Way of The Lord: Cultures & Catechesis - Marie Murphy  

219  The Educational Mission of the Parish - Elissa Rinere  

221  Moral Decision-Making Today: Wisdom for Everyday Living - Richard Sparks  

222  Helping Students Understand the Cost of Sexual Choices - Pam Stenzel  

223  God’s Work Is In Progress In Our Youth - Rev. Donald A. Sterling  

224  From T-Shirts to Television to the Internet: The Gospel Challenge of Media Literacy - Elizabeth Thoman  

225  A Catholic Approach to Biblical Fundamentalism - Very Rev. Ronald D. Witherup  

226  Preparing Young People for Confirmation: Why, What, How? - Tom Zanzig

PERIOD 3 -- Friday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

301  Amazing Grace: The Breakthrough of the Divine Into Our Lives - Rev. Robert Barron  

302  Maintain a Balance: An Essential Synopsis of the Roman Catholic Moral Tradition - Fr. Richard Benson  

303  Christian Theology in a Nutshell - Dr. Carmina Magnusen Chapp  

304  Sing About Jesus, The Light of the World - Richard Cheri  

305  A Power and a Tenderness - Paula D’Arcy  

306  The HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Stories of Faith and Hope - Rev. Rodney J. DeMartini  

307  A Child Shall Lead Them – Celebrating and Praying the Word with Children - Paule Freeburg  

308  Educating for Life: A Spiritual Vision for Every Teacher and Parent - Thomas H. Groome  

311  Sexuality and the Catholic Tradition - Rev. James Heft  

312  Voices That Challenge - Fr. George Horan  

313  "Being Wise": Discerning Content in the RCIA - Maureen A. Kelly  

314  No One Cries The Wrong Way - Fr. Joe Kempf  

315  Active Learning for Young Teens - Marilyn Kielbasa  

316  Liturgy in a Time of Exile - Fr. John Allyn Melloh  

317  Formation in Faithfulness: The Catechumenate for Children (Part 1) - Rev. Donald Neumann  

319  Understanding Birth Order and Its Influence on Personality Development - Dr. John M. Platt  

320  Being, Knowing and Savoir-Faire: Insights for Catechist Formation - Jane E. Regan  

321  Our Perennial Fascination with Therese of Lisieux – New Doctor of the Church - Ronald Rolheiser  

322  Iron and Silk: Prophetic Faith in Amos and Hosea - Dr. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher  

324  What Does a Catechist Do? (The "General Directory for Catechesis" Made Simple!) - David Wells  

325  The Practical Spirituality of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous - Thomas Weston  

370  Vietnamese Workshop - Dr. Peter Phan  

PERIOD 4 -- Saturday, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.  

402  Authoring God’s Story in a Digital World - Caroline Cerveny  

403  Will There Be Faith on Earth? - Dr. Kathleen O. Chesto  

404  Follow Me! Disciples for the 21st Century - Sr. Donna L. Ciangio  

406  Anger, Conflict, Forgiving: Creating Peace and Harmony within   Yourself & Your Relationships - Constance Dembrowsky  

407  Prayer Energy and Cosmic Transformation - Barbara Fiand  

408  The Sacramental Gift: The Gift of the Sacraments - Fr. Richard Fragomeni  

409  Thoughts Matter - Sr. Mary Margaret Funk  

411  New Hope for Catechesis: Introducing the "General Directory" - Thomas H. Groome  

412  Tomorrow’s Parish – Healthy and Alive: A New Parish Vision - Rev. Robert J. Hater  

414  Ecumenism: What It is And Isn’t - Rev. James Heft  

415  The Catholic Future: A New Generation, A New Millennium - Robert A. Ludwig  

417  Self-Esteem: Making Champions of Our Young People - Robert J. McCarty  

418  Identify Formation in Elementary School-Aged Children - Sr. Patricia McCormack  

419  Formation in Faithfulness: The Catechumenate for Children (Part 2) - Rev. Donald Neumann  

420  Bibliotherapy as a Tool for Catechists - Dr. Robert Pavlik  

421  Dead Man Walking: The Journey - Sr. Helen Prejean  

422  Post-Abortion Aftermath: The Solution - Rev. Blair P. Raum  

425  The Transparent Soul: Sensing the Gestures of God - Robert J. Wicks  

426  Fragile Treasures: The Spiritual Teachings of Paul - Very Rev. Ronald D. Witherup  

PERIOD 5 -- Saturday, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.  

502  The Church: Living the Countercultural Way of Jesus - Rev. Robert Barron  

503  The "Good News" About Sexuality - Bob Bartlett  

504  Religious Themes in Literature and Film - Dr. Carmina Magnusen Chapp  

505  The Call to Wisdom: The Way of Justice in a World that Cannot See - Michael H. Crosby  

506  Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Programs and Activities to Enhance Parish Life - Rev. John C. Cusick & Mary Durkin  

507  The Search for Common Ground: What Unites and Divides Catholic Americans - James D. Davidson

508  The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church & the Global AIDS Pandemic - Rev. Rodney J. DeMartini  

510  The Church’s Prophetic Voice to Abolish the Death Penalty - Edward E. Dolejsi & Bud Welch  

511  Everyday Wisdom for Everyday Spirituality: The Men and Women of Scripture Speak - Michael Galligan-Stierle  

512  And When We Speak: To Be Black, Female and Catholic - Dr. Diana L. Hayes  

513  Healthy Family Relationships: Communication, Negotiation, and Repairing the Faultlines - Rev. Terry Hershey  

514  Trinitarian Life - Rev. Michael Himes  

515  O Lord, Let Your Light Shine: Evangelization in Catechesis - Dorothy Hulburt  

517  Wisdom: The Way of the Cross, The Way of Liberation and Truth - Megan McKenna  

518  Funerals and Weddings: Liturgy and Preaching - Fr. John Allyn Melloh  

519  Sacred Threshold – Transitions as a Journey into the Sacred - Gertrud Mueller Nelson & Christopher Witt  Gertrud Mueller Nelson & Christopher Witt  

520  The Wisdom of the Lectionary - Fr. J-Glenn Murray  

521  Gimmicks, Tricks & Techniques - Leland Nagel  

522  Baptized Christians Becoming One with Us: Initiation or Reception? - Ronald Oakham  

524  Homosexuality, Gay & Lesbian Persons, and Moral Wisdom - Richard Sparks  

570  Vietnamese Workshop - Fr. Joseph Nguyên Thang   

PERIOD 6 -- Saturday, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

602  Shrink the "I Can’t Sing" Sit-and-Stare Syndrome and Put "Zip"   into Participation Singing - Yohann Anderson  

603  A Prophet Against His Society: Jeremiah the Bold - Lawrence Boadt  

604  Addressing the Moral Lives of Youth - Mike Carotta  

605  Inclusive Religious Education: Celebrating All Our Gifts (Part II) - Mary Pat Carter  

606  Standing in the Need of Prayer - Richard Cheri  

607  Risking the Present Day - Paula D’Arcy  

608  Facilitating Family Faith Talk - Judith Dunlap & Mary Cummins Wlodarski  

609  Celebrate Youth! – Becoming a Youth-Friendly Parish Community - Tom East  Tom East  

610  Feminist Theology: A New Way of Seeing, A New Way of Being - Barbara Fiand  

611  Wrestling with Moral Issues - Rev. Robert M. Friday  

612  Technology and the Shape of Daily Life - Richard R. Gaillardetz  

613  The Spirituality and the Celebration of the Eucharistic Prayer - John Gallen  

614  Tomorrow’s Parish – Healthy and Alive: A New Parish Vision - Rev. Robert J. Hater  Rev. Robert J. Hater  

615  Marriage Preparation: New Challenges and New Understandings - Dr. James Healy  

616  Pastoral Planning that Works! - Bill Huebsch  

618  Negotiate Your Way Around Difficult People with Grace and Skill - Jean W. Miller  

619  Leadership in the Church Today - Most Rev. George V. Murry  

621  "If Punishment Worked, I’d Be Unemployed" - Dr. John M. Platt  

622  Catechesis: An Essential Moment of Evangelization - Jane E. Regan  

623  Soul, Restlessness, and Difficulties Within Current Spirituality: Struggling to Will the One Thing - Ronald Rolheiser  

625  Do Executions Heal the Wound of Violent Crime? - Bud Welch  

626  Some Church Reflections - Thomas Weston  

670  Vietnamese Workshop - Dr. Peter Phan

PERIOD 7 -- Sunday, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

701  Becoming Wise with Biblical Wisdom: The Old Testament Wisdom Books - Lawrence Boadt  

702  The Fourth Commandment: "Parents, Honor Your Children" - Rev. Ronald J. Burke  

703  Investing in Early Adolescents - Mike Carotta  

704  Learning Styles: Implications for Facilitating Adult Formation in Faith - Joanne Chafe  

705  On the Road to Becoming a Prayer-ful Catholic - Dr. Kathleen O. Chesto  

706  Post-Vatican II Catholics: The Religious Orientations of Young Catholics - James D. Davidson  

707  Incarnation: Entering Into the Life of God - Dr. Michael Downey  

709  Living a Life of Simplicity and Wisdom - Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre  

710  The Sacred Art of Dying: Living with Hope - Richard Groves  

711  Where Does God Live? - Msgr. Tom Hartman & Rabbi Marc Gellman  

712  Personal Renewal: Letting Our Souls Catch Up with Our Bodies - Rev. Terry Hershey  

713  The "General Directory for Catechesis" and The Challenges of Sharing Good News - Dr. Michael Horan  

714  "Let the Children Come and Celebrate" - Maureen A. Kelly  

715  The Jesus Path – What Happened Then, What It Means Today - Robert A. Ludwig  Robert A. Ludwig  

717  Music For Catholic Youth – The Continuing Catholic Challenge - Fr. James V. Marchionda   Fr. James V. Marchionda  

718  Sacraments and Human Transformation - Don Neumann  

719  Parish Religious Education Program: Friend or Foe? - Rev. Terry M. Odien  

720  The Brain – "The Weight of the Soul" - Dr. Robert Pavlik  

722  Resolving Conflict – A Gift and a Skill - Loughlan Sofield  

723  Character Matters – The Why and What of Character Education - Pam Stenzel  Pam Stenzel  

724  To Follow Jesus Is to Lead to Faith - Rev. Donald A. Sterling  

725  Forgiveness and Reconciliation – Steps Toward Spiritual Wholeness - Christopher Witt  Christopher Witt  

770  Vietnamese Workshop - Rev. Joseph Duc-Minh

PERIOD 8 -- Sunday, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

801  The Art and Practice of Facilitating Groups - Joanne Chafe  

802  Getting Your Small Communities Going & Growing - Sr. Donna L. Ciangio  

804  Is There a Recipe for Peace? - Michael H. Crosby  

805  Key Elements for Catholic Parish Life in the New Millennium - Rev. John C. Cusick  

806  Confirming Young Disciples – Keys to Adolescent Confirmation Preparation - Tom East  

807  Spirituality in the Midst of Messiness - Fr. William John Fitzgerald  

808  Practices That Remove Our "Old Ways" - Sr. Mary Margaret Funk  

809  The Laicity of the Church – Reflections on the Church of the Coming Third Millennium - Richard R. Gaillardetz  

810  Helping Teens Pray All Ways and Always - Carole Goodwin  

811  How Do You Spell "God"? - Msgr. Tom Hartman & Rabbi Marc Gellman   

812  Growth Hormones for the Kingdom of God: Building Communities of Faith That Support and Sustain - Fr. Brett Hoover  

813  The Principles of Parish or School Leadership - Bill Huebsch   

814  Putting "Skin On" God - Fr. Joe Kempf  

815  The Home and School Connection that Fosters Positive Development in Children - Sr. Patricia McCormack  

816  "Assertive" is Not a Dirty Word - Jean W. Miller  

817  Catechesis and Inculturation - Most Rev. George V. Murry  

818  Connecting the Word to Life - Leland Nagel  

819  Rituals in the Preparation of Reconciliation and Eucharist - Robert W. Piercy, Jr.  

820  More "Difficult Sayings of Jesus" … Revealed - Kevin Saunders  

821  Parish Leadership: Transforming and Life-Giving - Loughlan Sofield  

822  Creating Parish from the Ground Up: Strategies for the New Millennium - Rev. Thomas Sweetser  

824  The Sign We Give (How to Demonstrate the Message We Want to Send) - David Wells  

825  Adolescent Conversion: What Does It Look Like? - Tom Zanzig



PERÍODO 1 – Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 

150  Jesús, La Sabiduría Encarnada de Dios - Rev. Gary Banks 

151  Catequesis Familiar - Ramón Echeverría Neira 

152  ¿Maneja Usted Los Seis Roles de La Pareja? - Rev. Guillermo Hernandez 

153  ¿Señor, a Quién Vemos? El Dios de Jesús - Gerardo Quintanar 

154  Espiritualidad y Vida Matrimonial - Dr. John Yzaguirre 

PERÍODO 2 – Friday, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

250  Saber Mirar Con Sabiduría: De Las Novelas a Los Recursos   - Carmen Fernandez Aguinaco 

251  Devoción a La Virgen de Guadalupe en Una Comunidad Fronteriza - Timoteo Matovina 

252  Una Espiritualidad Bíblica para Las Pequeñas Comunidades Eclesiales - Armando Noguez Alcántara 

253  Planteación de La Liturgia y La Música Para Las Primeras Comuniones - Pedro Rubalcava 

254  El Catequista, Líder Como Jesús - Manuel Varela 

255  Año 2000 ¿Fin del Mundo o Mundo Nuevo? - Rev. Luigi Zanotto 

PERÍODO 3 – Friday, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

350  ¿Cómo Debe Ser La Iglesia en una Gran Ciudad? - Benjamin Bravo Perez 

351  Voces de Desafío - Diácono Valentin Saucedo 

352  La Iglesia y El Nuevo Milenio - Rev. Virgil Elizondo 

353  Catequistas: Como Usar el Folklore Popular en la Catequesis Infantil - Dra. Maricarmen Ohara 

354  Los Sabios Bíblicos: Modelos de Laico Cristiano - A. Tomás Parra Sánchez

PERÍODO 4 – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 

450  Evangelización y Catequesis - Ramón Echeverría Neira 

451  La Parroquia: Testimonio del Amor de Dios - Rev. Virgil Elizondo & Timoteo Matovina 

452  Comunicación en Pareja - Rev. Guillermo Hernandez 

453  Seguir a Jesús Según el Evangelio de Juan - Armando Noguez Alcántara

454  ¡Enseña con Autoridad! No Como Lo Escribas - Gerardo Quintanar 

455  Mujer Latina/Hispana: Evangelizadora de La Iglesia - Carmen Villegas 

PERÍODO 5 – Saturday, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

550  El Sermon de La Montaña: La Sabiduría Divina, Vivir En Justicia y Paz - Rev. Gary Banks 

552  La Delicada Tarea de Educar Sexualmente - Rudolf A. Finke 

553  Como Ser la Influencia Más Importante en la Vida de Sus Niños - Dra. Maricarmen Ohara 

554  La Cultura y La Evangelización - Rev. Mario Vizcaíno 

555  El Desarrollo Espiritual de Los Hijos - Dr. John Yzaguirre 

PERÍODO 6 – Saturday, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

650  Dejen Que Los Niños Se Acerquen a la Sabiduría: Liturgia de la Palabra Con Niños - Carmen Fernandez Aguinaco 

651  La Iglesia, Creadora de Símbolos en Medio de la Ciudad, Llena de Símbolos - Benjamin Bravo Perez 

652  Dios Quiere Que Seamos Mansos, No Mensos: El Llamado Bíblico a la Justicia Social - Timoteo Matovina 

653  Religión Popular Urbana y Globalización: Desafíos a La Evangelización - Cristian Parker Gumucio 

654  El Proverbio: Evangelio Desde la Experiencia - A. Tomás Parra Sánchez 

PERÍODO 7 – Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 

750  La Abstinencia Sexual a Principios de la Iglesia Cristiana, Luces y Sombras - Rev. Giovanni Esti 

751  Formas Sutiles y Encubiertas de Violencia en la Familia - Rudolf A. Finke 

753  El Reto de Ser o Volver a Ser (Parte I) - Gabriel N. Martinez 

754  Angelinos, Californianos: "Quien Me Ve a Mí, Ve al Padre" - Rev. Luigi Zanotto 

PERÍODO 8 – Sunday, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. 

851  El Reto de Ser o Volver a Ser (Parte II) - Gabriel N. Martinez 

852  Ética, Democracia y Desarrollo Humano y Sustentable - Cristian Parker Gumucio 

853  El Perfil del Catequista en el Directorio Catequético General - Manuel Varela 

854  Principios de Inculturación en la Catequesis - Rev. Mario Vizcaíno

GA1 - Friday a.m. General Assembly, Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC
GA2 - Friday p.m. Homily of Msgr. Ray East
GA3 - Saturday a.m. Keynote Address, Rev. Michael Himes
GA4 - Sunday a.m. Keynote Address, Rev. J-Glenn Murray
GA5 - Sunday a.m. Keynote Address, Thomas Groome
GA6 - Sunday a.m. (Spanish) Keynote, Carmen Villegas (en Español)

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